Good news, the ‘80’s are back!  From accessories to apparel, bright colors, stripes and florals strutted down the runway this season. 

Fashion is crazy about shoulders too, emphasizing them with large strategically placed cutouts and off the shoulder styles.  Foldover waistlines and fancy robes are also the trend this season.

Lavishness is in once again, not only in apparel but in accessories:  oversized earrings, long large pendants, extra-large bags, big ruffles, puffed up sleeves and not to forget, a touch of glam.

For those who don’t take to the bright and bold; khakis and pastels in soft romantic ruffles made an appearance too.   

Finally for the best of news, the 80’s can still be found at vintage and consignment boutiques for a fraction of the price.

So, no need to worry this summer because fashion has accommodated all tastes, styles and budgets. 

And if trends are not your preference, then there are always the classics like Chanel- that “are in” year round.      Either way, you get the best of both worlds at Style on Green!